Principle of noise cancelling Headphones 

Today, we wireless bluetooth headphone Manufacturer will talk about noise reduction technology and noise cancelling headphones.  

The noise cancelling function is quite important for a quality headphone.

There are two noise reduction methods of noise cancelling headphones: active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. Whether a pair of noise cancelling headphones with good noise reduction, usually referring to its active noise cancelling function. The principle of active noise cancelling headphones is to generate a reverse sound wave through the noise reduction system, which creates equivalent anti-noise to drown out that external noise.

The pic of active noise cancelling function as shown below:


After active noise reduction, most of the noise will be eliminated. But due to the irregular frequency and amplitude of environmental noise, inverted sound waves cannot achieve 100% noise cancellation effect. Another point, active noise cancelling headphones is effectively filter out low-frequency noise,  but its difficult to achieve a good noise reduction effect for high-frequency and irregular noise. The human voice belongs to high-frequency and irregular sound, so most active noise-cancelling  headphones cannot achieve good noise reduction on human voices. For active noise cancelling, they can be subdivided into feedforward noise reduction, feedback noise reduction and double-fed noise reduction. Among them, double-fed noise reduction is the mainstream. 

Classification of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Active noise reduction bluetooth headphones can be classified into three types according to the way they are worn. 

a. True wireless active noise cancelling bluetooth headphone 

b. Neckband active noise cancelling bluetooth headphone 

c. Over head active noise cancelling bluetooth headphone

1. The true wireless active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones can be understand as the active noise cancelling version of TWS earbuds. The split tws earphones are small, convenient and suitable for most activities. Due to the small size of ANC tws earphones, its battery life usually  support three to five working hours.

2. For neckband bluetooth active noise reduction headphones, its batteries and bluetooth chips are usually built in the neckband collar. The advantage of neckband ANC headsets is that they have longer working hours and sound quality, but its not as convenient and comfortable as TWS earbuds.

3. Headband bluetooth active noise-cancelling headphones have relatively large inherent advantages in battery life, sound quality and noise-cancelling effects. However, wearing them in a hot day is not a good choice and can cause sweating in the ears.